Hopefully, this terrible decision that Bed Bath & Beyond is making changes soon but NJ.com reported that the retail store is looking to close about 200 stores. No, the stores are not going to be closed all at once but the closure of the 200 stores nationwide should be happening within the next 2 years.

In Mercer County alone there are two different Bed Bath & Beyond locations. One in Lawrenceville and one in Hamilton. There is also one in Newtown, Pa. According to NJ.com, it is not confirmed if any Bed Bath & Beyond retail stores in New Jersey will be affected by future store closures.

The company that owns Bed Bath & Beyond also operates 4 other major retail stores. It was mentioned on NJ.com that those other stores will also be a part of the 200 store closures. The bad part is that the majority of the stores that are being looked at to be closed are mostly Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

If you are asking yourself right now, “I wonder if this store closure has anything to do with the coronavirus.” The answer is, yes. NJ.com stated that the sales during this COVID-19 pandemic have dropped close to 50%. Even though Bed Bath & Beyond had been struggling a little before the coronavirus this economic shut down really was the cherry on top for the decision to close 200 stores.

It is unfortunate that people can possibly lose their jobs with these closures but hopefully the stores in the Mercer County area will remain untouched.

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