Fans think Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber are going to release a "Bad Guy" remix.

The collaboration rumors all started when fans believed the "Bury a Friend" singer was going to surprise everyone with a brand new album. However, Eilish quickly shut down any speculation when she posted the message, "The new album shit is fake. But I might have something for you..." to her Instagram Stories on Monday (July 9).

She then posted clips of a music video and audio from her song “All The Good Girls Go To Hell." She followed that up with a number of coy hand-over-mouth emojis before writing, “ok goodnight.”

Though she didn't mention Bieber's name, fans started to piece together clues, including a message he recently shared on Twitter. “Remix," Bieber simply wrote, which was retweeted by Eilish’s brother and music producer Finneas.

To add more feud to the first, if you search "Bad Guy Justin Bieber remix" on Google, Genius pops up with lyrics to the track. However, the link is broken which has us wondering whether they're just waiting for Bieber or Elish to drop the song first. According to the site, the remix will be released this Friday, July 12.

One fan was even quick enough to take screenshots of the lyrics before they were removed. According to the photos, Bieber lends his vocals to the second chorus and bridge, as well as has his own verse which features the lines, "Gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is frost/ I got more ice than, than s-snow."

Check out the supposed lyrics in the tweet, below:

Earlier this year, Eilish teased a collaboration with Bieber and later went on to meet the Canadian pop star at Coachella in April, so this remix is definitely possible and highly likely based on all the evidence.

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