Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, surprised movie-goers at AMC Clifton Commons theater in New Jersey over the weekend.

According to, Brie was wearing a custom-made Juicy Couture tracksuit that resembled her official Captain Marvel armor. At first, some fans couldn't believe if it was the Marvel star or not. One fan, Susana Moimenta, told the newspaper “all we kept thinking was ‘Oh my God, it’s really her, and how can we get a picture."

The best part perhaps was that Brie was a real hero and took pictures with staff and fans.

But Brie didn't just pose for photos and take selfies with fans. She also got behind the concession counter. She was filling drinks and handing out popcorn tubs. They put Captain Marvel to work.

Brie also crashed a movie theater by giving a surprise speech thanking everyone for coming out and showing support on the film's opening night. You can watch her speech below:

Captain Marvel's timing was perfect, not only because it's a needed prequel to Avengers: Endgame, but because it was released on International Women’s Day. The movie had a female director and of course female lead hero.

Though I didn't run into Captain Marvel at my local theater, I did take a picture with Spider-Man.

Even if Captain Marvel doesn't show up at your movie theater, I recommend you go see Captain Marvel if you're a Marvel fan. I give it two thumbs up!

To see more photos and read the full story go here.

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