Okay, so it's not like we don't have to worry about Spotted Lanternflies anymore. Unfortunately, they'll likely be back to annoy Garden State residents yet again in a few months.

Still, we have a bit of a break from those nasty pests for a little bit. However, when one creepy crawler flees, there are plenty more to take their place. At least that's true for those of us here in New Jersey. I don't know about you, but it's this time of year when the weather starts to turn that I find more spiders in my house. I will say, though, that I live along a treelike with some woods behind me, so that, no doubt, plays a part in that.

The air is getting colder, so some of the creepy crawlers are trying to find somewhere warm to hang out for the time-being. Can you blame them? Yes, yes I can. Anywhere but my house, please.

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I'v already encountered a GIANT wolf spider in my bathroom. That's not uncommon for this time of year. I'm not afraid of insects, but I do know that wolf spiders can deliver a nasty bite, so they're not exactly welcome guests in my home.

The one bug that doesn't really bother me is the camel cricket. These things are HUGE. People on social media that live in Atlantic County have been voicing their frustration with them. While they're not dangerous, they do give me the heebie jeebies. They make my blood run cold. The good news is that you don't need to worry about them hurting you. Pest experts do say, though, that they can mess with your plants as well as other things in your home.

If you're experiencing more critters than usual in your home right now, it's probably best to set some traps and hope for the best. Hopefully, you won't need to call in the professionals.

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