We all have them. Those foods that absolutely turn your stomach for one reason or another.

Maybe you had a bad experience with them once and it tarnished them forever.

Perhaps the texture is just off-putting to you.

Heck, it could be something as simple as the taste, there doesn’t have to be any dramatic reason. Just something about the food doesn’t sit right with you.

For me, that’s always been bananas. The smell is foul. The texture is weird: not quite mushy, but it doesn’t feel comfortably stable. They’re just not for me.

Banana slices close-up

I lost a bet and had to attempt to eat just half of one and had to give up because I was gagging so hard my coworkers thought I might vomit.

This got us talking on Friday’s afternoon show about people’s kryptonite foods. How many of these foods can you handle that your fellow New Jerseyans can’t stand?


I’ll start with Afternoon Drive host Jeff Deminski: He can’t fathom that people can slurp down raw oysters. Even adding some lemon juice or hot sauce doesn’t make them sound any more enticing.

fresh oysters plate isolated on white wooden background

Brussel Sprouts

These were called in by Dan in Scotch Plains. He finds absolutely nothing about Brussel sprouts redeeming.

Healthy Roasted Brussel Sprouts for Thanksgiving Dinner


Kathy in Cranford has tried dressing coffee up with sugar or various creamers, but it’s just not for her.

The cup of coffee and beans
Oleksii Afanasiev


You’d think this would be a crime in the Garden State, because who doesn’t love a Jersey tomato?

Rob in Union County. That’s who.

Pizza is fine. Pasta sauce is acceptable. A tomato on its own, however… not for him.



This one was called in by Ashley in Cherry Hill, and she was very specific. Her problem isn’t with all fish, it’s fish served with the eyes still in and I totally see where she’s coming from.

Who decided that our dinner should be staring back at us as we get ready to eat? Who is happy about this?

Fish frozen in ice block. Fresh fish.


Our very own New Jersey 101.5 traffic reporter Tom Rivers can’t stand mushrooms. Years in childhood being told about poison mushrooms definitely didn’t help. He won’t even have them on a slice of pizza!

Flat lay composition with fresh champignon mushrooms on wooden table

Peanut Butter

Just when I thought there could be one food product that is untouchable, Mike in Bound Brook shared that he can’t stand peanut butter. Not in a PB&J. Not in a Reese’s. Nothing.

open jar of peanut butter with spoon

If you made your way through this list without making a stink face at any of these foods: congratulations. You have a cast iron stomach, my friend.

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