Monday is the legendary Betty White's birthday and fans throughout the country are going all out this weekend to celebrate. There are parties planned in different cities in Betty's honor, and even the City of Brotherly Love is having an event.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend two Philly bars are throwing a joint birthday party in honor of what would have been Betty's 100 birthday. Wine Dive and Sonny's Cocktail Joint are having what is called "Betty's Birthday Bash." According to Philly Voice, it all goes down this upcoming Monday at 7 pm at 1506 South St. You will be able to order some of Betty's favorite drinks and snacks, and there is also going to be a special tribute for the actress. I think that if you're a true Betty White fan, it's only right to show up to a party in her honor dressed head to toe as she would. Who's with me?

Other than the drinks, food, and a good time in honor of an amazing person, the party is also benefiting a few charities.  According to Philly Voice, some of the proceeds will go to local animal shelters and organizations. If you didn't know, Betty was a huge animal lover. She has always been an animal advocate and has supported various animal shelters throughout her life. There is even a Betty White Challenge," that animal shelters throughout the country are taking part in, in her honor.

Betty White has always been one of my favorite actresses. I was devastated to hear of her passing just weeks before she was going to turn the big 100. But the mark that she left on this world is forever engraved in her fans' hearts.


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