Oh you're going to love this news. One of you're favorite fast food places in Mercer County has finally added time-saving option.

The Chick fil A Lawrenceville on Route 1 North, next to Wawa and McDonalds, just kicked off Curbside Delivery service. The announcement was made on Facebook. Yay.

I'm a big fan of Curbside Delivery at Chick Fil A. It sure beats waiting in the long drive thru line.

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If you've never done Curbside Delivery, you're missing out. It's great. What you do is order before you get there on the Chick fil A app. Once you get there, find and park in one of the designated "Curbside Orders" parking spots. It looks like Chick Fil A Lawrenceville has at least six of these spots based on the picture in the Facebook post below.

Once you're parked in Curbside Orders spot, you click, "I'm here" in the app and enter the number of the spot you're in and one of their friendly Team Members will delivery your order to you in your car. I love it.

I've found it to be faster than the drive thru at some of Chick fil A's busier locations. I'm anxious to see if it's faster at the Lawrenceville location because they're already really good at keeping the drive thru line moving along.

The Hamilton Marketplace Chick fil A drive thru is always so long, so I loved the Curbside Pick up there. I'm not sure if they still offer it or not. Ever since the Lawrenceville location opened I go to that one because it's closer for me.

Give it a try next you get a Chick fil A craving. I think you'll love it.

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