Today is Teacher Appreciation Day. A day to celebrate all that teachers do every single day for our children and to shape our future...and trust me, it's more than you think.

Chick fil A Lawrenceville knows how important teachers are and that they deserve a little extra something today, so the local restaurant just announced on its social media that all teachers are invited to stop by and indulge in a FREE sandwich. Very cool. Text all your teacher friends and tell them to grab one...oh and tell them to bring their valid teacher id. That's all they need to get this generous gift.

The post reads, "Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all of our wonderful teachers out there. We can't thank you enough for all of the hard work you all constantly show. In honor of today, we are offering a free sandwich to all teachers today with a valid id at Chick fil A Lawrenceville."

My twin sister is a teacher and so are many of my friends and they deserve a free chicken sandwich and more. The time and effort they all put into their jobs is astounding, their dedication like no other profession I know...especially during the pandemic when the education game changed. They all had to pivot without much notice and very quickly learn a whole new way to teach children and they rose to the occasion.

I'm sure you can remember teachers that had a positive influence in your life. Send them a thank you...they will appreciate it.

Chick fil A Lawrenceville is located at 2950 Route 1 North in Lawrenceville.

Enjoy teachers.

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