Christy Carlson Romano revealed her reaction to her former Cadet Kelly co-star Hilary Duff posing nude.

On Wednesday (May 11), Christy posted a YouTube reaction video to the How I Met Your Father actor's nude photographs for Women's Health magazine.

"So back in the day, growing up, it was really tricky to be sort of considered an adult after Disney," Christy said. "I would imagine that it has been tricky for Hilary to manage her image, and she had spoken about that in the article for Women's Health."

"It's really kind of wonderful to watch her sort of grow up too," Christy added. "Although we're all grown and we're all moms now, which is even better to see where her head is at with all of that. She seems like a wonderful mom."

Christy said it's amazing to see Hilary celebrate her body and look so good doing it, too.

Content warning below // disordered eating

In Hilary's interview, the Lizzie McGuire star revealed that she experienced an eating disorder when she was 17, which was something that Christy didn't know about. At the time, Christy said she also had an eating disorder.

At the end of the day, Christy is happy for her former work colleague who is "happy, healthy, proud, glowing and gorgeous."

In an interview with PopCrush, Christy shared she doesn't remember meeting Hilary for the first time, as Disney Channel actors typically work alongside one another for various projects.

"I do remember in general she was always with Troy, who was her bodyguard and her acting coach," Christy revealed. "He was such a sweet guy and super protective, as he should be. As a parent now I realize that if my child was in the business I would want them to have safe adults around them. Her mom was so amazing and such a hands-on manager, and then her sister too. I met her sister for the first time and she was really great because she was right around my age too. Now Haylie lives in Austin; I’ve seen her a couple times since we've both lived here, and it's really great to reconnect in that way."

Check out our full PopCrush interview with Christy Carlson Romano, below:

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, help is available through the National Eating Disorders Association website.

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