Center City in Philadelphia has been completely destroyed due to the recent riots. What started out as peaceful protests over the unlawful killing of George Floyd ended in hours of looting and vandalism. Saturday night into the hours of early Sunday morning was the worst of it. Cop cars were on fire, streets were burning, and corporate and local businesses were completely destroyed.

According to Billy Penn, multiple stores along Walnut and Chestnut had been completely emptied out. Even right now, people are still rooming the streets trying to snatch goods. If you take a walk down Philly it is a complete mess. However, there is a group of people who came out and have been attempting to clean up what they can. An organization called “Bring a Broom Philly” was immediately formed on Facebook. They encouraged people to come out during the day to clean up public spaces such as sidewalks and streets. They also told residents to BYOB (Bring your own Broom).

“Some people are cleaning up for themselves, some people are actually cleaning up for the city,” said WHYY engagement editor Chris Norris. 

No one knows how long these protests will continue. I expect it will continue until the other three officers involved in the death of Floyd are arrested just like Derek Chauvin. It is important to distinguish the people who actually want to peacefully protest from the ones who are taking advantage of the situation. If the unrest continues into this new week, follow Bring a Broom Philly for updates on how you can help clean up the city.


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