To everyone in the field of education, thank you for all that you have done throughout the years. You are highly appreciated. Speaking of years of work in the field of education, the principal at Council Rock North, Susan McCarthy, is looking to retire after 48 years of work at Council Rock.

According to a post on the Council Rock School Districts Facebook page, it was stated that the school board has approved the retirement of Susan McCarthy. 48 years in any field of work is a very long time and it deserves a ton of respect. We learned from the Council Rock School District’s Facebook post that Susan McCarthy started as an English teacher. From there, she became a school counselor, administrative assistant for curriculum, and assistant principal.

Susan McCarthy has been the principal at Council Rock North since the year 2000. It was stated on Facebook that McCarthy took on the role of "the leadership position of Richboro Middle School Principal" in 1999.

In the Facebook post by Council Rock School District, it was mentioned that the approval of Susan McCarthy's retirement was made "at the February 25th meeting of the Council Rock Board of School Directors."

The Council Rock School District has made it known that they wish Susan McCarthy a very "wonderfully fulfilling and relaxing retirement" and the school district is very thankful for the "tremendous history of service to Council Rock students and their families."

Susan McCarthy is not the only one retiring. The Facebook post also stated that Rebecca Grimm is another staff member from Council Rock School District that will be retiring.

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