Helping those that are in need in our community is the ultimate flex. Just seeing smiles after you give the homeless a helping hand has to be such a satisfying feeling.

According to Tap Into, a young lady from Bordentown is doing whatever she can to help those in need in the community. Mia Nissim is a high school student that is putting together a clothing swap fundraiser.

The Regional High School student's goal is to be able to get a bunch of donated clothes and have others be a part of the event to swap out unwanted clothing, accessories, jewelry and more.

Tap Into made it known that it will cost $15 per ticket. Those who attend will be able to bring unwanted items "where they will be able to ‘shop’ the items brought by other donors."

The best part of this event is that everything that is not swapped will be going to those in need in the community.

To make things even better the young high school student told Tap Into, "The $15 ticket will be used to purchase personal care items for those in need and all of the clothing and items that aren't claimed go back to those in need."

The event will take place on Sunday, September 26 at 5 PM at 4 Bridle Way in Columbus, according to Tap Into.

This is not something new that Mia Nissim does. It was mentioned on Tap Into that Nissim has received the "Burlington County Woman of the Week" award in the past. That is an awesome award to have.

This is a perfect event to help those in need and possibly get some clothes at a very cheap price.

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