There are five popular food items that you can no longer buy in Pennsylvania

If you've ever had one of your favorite foods discontinued, it's so disappointing. For me, it was one of the Campbell's Soup products...a homestyle type of Chicken Noodle Soup...I don't remember exactly what it was called.

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It was so good. I lived on it and never, ever thought it would go away. I searched for it online after not being able to find it in stores only to see it was no longer in Campbell's lineup. Ugh. I needed some time to mourn.

I hope these foods aren't any of your favorites, or you'll too be in mourning.

Unfortunately, you can't find them in stores or restaurants anymore because they've been discontinued, according to Pix11.

Trader Joe's Minty Mallows

Normally found in stores around the holidays, these popular treats have been discontinued. The article hinted the reason for their departure may have been poor sales or a change in the cost to produce them.

 McDonald's McCafe Bakery Items

The three things we can no longer indulge in are the only three things that were on the McDonald's bakery menus here in the U.S. They are the blueberry muffin, apple fritter, and the cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing. They weren't very popular, although, they had some fans that were upset to see them go.


Don't worry, you can still get McDonald's famous apple pies.

Sierra Mist

The drink from the Pepsi company is gone. Now there's a similar product called Starry, which is supposed to be more citrusy.

Ronzoni Pastina

Uh-oh Pasta lovers. Don't blame Ronzoni for this one though. Its parent company said, "This beloved product's unique small size and star-shape require specialized production from a third-party manufacturer. Our long-term manufacturer informed us they would cease producing Ronzoni Pastina effective January 2023."


Check out the rest of the list of discontinued foods here.

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