Tesla founder and tech giant Elon Musk believes we’ll eventually be listening to music via a chip in our brain. The implant, Neuralink, is one of Musk’s new ideas and in a Twitter exchange with a fan, Elon confirmed we’ll be able to listen to music with Neuralink.

The technology is planned to be implanted via a surgical robot which implants gossamer-thin wires into a person’s brain, thinner than a human hair. An external processing unit will exist behind the ear. Neuralink reported that successful tests of its technology had been performed on mice and apes, with testing on human subjects meant to take place in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If we implement neuralink — can we listen to music directly from our chips?” a fan asked via Twitter. “Great feature.” Elon’s response? A quick, “Yes.”

Neuralink’s plan will also address another key aspect of musician’s lives — mental health. Another Twitter user asked Musk, “Can Neuralink be used to retrain the part of the brain which is responsible for causing addiction or depression? It’d be great if Neuralink can be used for something like addiction/ depression.”

“For sure,” Musk replied. “This is both great and terrifying. Everything we’ve ever sensed or thought has been electrical signals. The early universe was just a soup of quarks and leptons. How did a very small piece of the universe start to think of itself as sentient?”

More info on the progress of Neuralink can be heard on Elon Musk’s most recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

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