I always think it's so cool when I found out movies and TV shows were filmed in New Jersey. Every once and a while, I'll go to the exact filming location just to say that I was in the same spot a masterpiece was made. Stephen King has always been one of my authors and one of his series has been turned into a TV show for Apple TV+. The best part is that the show was filmed in the Garden State.

The show is called “Lisey’s Story,” and is an adaptation of King's novel that came out in 2006. According to NJ.com, the show stars scar winner Julianne Moore and Oscar nominee Clive Owen. The place it was filmed at is a very known place in Franklin Township. The series was actually filmed pre-pandemic back in 2019 at the historic Van Liew-Suydam House in Somerset County.

Just this week, Apple TV Plus gave us the very first look at the show and announced that it will be dropping on its platform on June 4. What is so cool about  “Lisey’s Story,” is that it will be very authentic and true to the original book because Stephen King himself wrote all eight episodes.

The plot of the story revolves around a widow named Lisey Landon. According to NJ.com, we will be taken on a journey with her as she relive memories from her marriage. Another fun fact about this show is that one of the supporting cast memebers is actually from New Jersey. According to NJ.com, Emmy winner Ron Cephas Jones (“This Is Us”) stars in this drama and he grew up in Paterson.


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