A Little Library can be spotted at the corner of Sutton Place and Debbie Lane in East Windsor.

East Windsor joins the book sharing movement and decided to open a Little Library completely non-profit. According to Patch.com, Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon. The small, front & dash; yard book exchanges number 36,000 around the world in 70 countries — from Iceland to Tasmania to Pakistan.

Lori Dolnick who started the Sutton Place Free Little Library believes that books are seen to be as so transformative. Little libraries are a new concept, so most people don't understand they can just walk up, and grab a book... for FREE.

The concept can be viewed as counter-intuitive being that you can grab a book for free, but yet it has so much value.There is so much knowledge that can be gained by grabbing and reading one book... just one. You can learn how to cook, or take upon a new adventure in life, or even just pass the time with some quality fiction or non-fiction tales.

Each year nearly 10 million books are shared between the Free Little Libraries across the world, so there's got to be one located near you to check out.

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