With Halloween right around the corner, Friday the 13th just got a little more special or scary. Whichever you want to go for.

According to Phillyvoice.com, the September full moon will be the harvest moon with a little bit of a twist. The moon will also be at its farthest point from the Earth giving it the name micromoon. Farmer’s Almanac stated that a micromoon appears about 14% smaller than normal.

A full moon to nationally rise in the United States is something that doesn't happen often. Philly Voice reported that the harvest moon won’t happen again until August of 2049. So what are the odds that we will see this happen again since a full moon is rare to rise.

This gives Friday the 13th more of a supernatural vibe to it. The timing of this event will be the closest to the autumnal equinox which occurs on September 23rd according to Phillyvoice.com. So anyway you look at it, this event is special and you should try to experience it September 14th at 12am. This would be a perfect time to break out cameras or phones to try to capture this moment.

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