Contacts are so irritating and annoying. Well, at least for me they are. If you love wearing your contacts would you want to wear some "smart" contact lenses? shared that these contact lenses give you "a floating screen above your real-life surroundings"

Now the question is, what’s shown on that screen?

With the contacts lens on you are able to get the map directions, weather forecast and/or heart rate, according to USA Today. The contacts run through 5G or WiFi, all of which comes from your phone.

These contact lenses are a prototype at the moment and do not have a selling price.

Let's talk about some things that we think can go wrong with these contacts. We've heard of phones catching on fire in people's pockets or while charging, don't you think these can possibly do the same but in your eye. That's an automatic NO NO.

Also, many studies have shown that using your phone can increase your chance of getting cancer. Think about it there has to be some type of radiation on these contact lens that goes directly to your eye. Another NO NO.

With all of that being said, how do you really feel about these "cool" contact lenses?

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