It looks like we'll be paying $3 a gallon at the pump this summer.

According to Patch, we may be paying over $3 a gallon at the pump this summer, and if not, experts say we'll see prices that high by the fall.

What's the reason behind the increase? One of the reasons, according to AAA, is that available stock is decreasing and oil prices are increasing.

In fact, Trenton is already seeing prices of $2.75. Meanwhile, drivers in Burlington are paying about $2.63 at the pump. In fact, on average gas prices in New Jersey have already risen 20 cents in recent weeks.

Yeah, there is nothing worse than when you're driving and you hear that awesome sound and see your empty gas light go on. I'm telling you, I dread it. I drive an SUV so filling up can be expensive. It hasn't been that bad lately, but it sounds like that's changing.

Will the rising gas prices cause people to cancel their beach vacations and road trips this summer? I'm not sure about that, but I think a lot more people will carpool (which isn't a bad idea because it'll save everyone money and help the environment).

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