There are talks of “Vaccine Passports” becoming a thing and one has to think, “well how does one get said vaccine passport?” Mashable tells us that in some cities, the vaccine passport will be available right on your phone.

Mashable reporter, Rachel Kraus, got a text that read “view a digital record of your vaccination” one night a few weeks after her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. Living in Los Angeles, Kraus said that she was immediately suspicious since she had never seen or heard of this before. However, this was not a scam but a legitimate company called Healthvana. Healthvana is a LA County Vaccination partner that is helping input all vaccination records in order to provide citizens with the “vaccine passports” that are being widely talked about.

Mashable said that Kraus was even able to set up her “vaccine passport” on her phone via Apple Wallet. Now along with airplane tickets, credit cards, and concert tickets you can have definitive proof that you are fully vaccinated right in the palm of your hand. This feature, being used in LA county, would be hugely beneficial for use throughout the country. Hopefully, we start to see these updates in Philadelphia and New Jersey in the coming weeks/months.

Now, don’t go opening every text or email you get regarding Covid-19 vaccinations as some are guaranteed to be phishing scams but research the sender and see if the partnership is legit and talk to others who have gotten the same text.

This is just the first step to a healthy, fully vaccinated world.


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