If you’ve never heard of this street in New Jersey before, you’re going to be mindblown right now. There’s a road in New Jersey that’s said to be “haunted” because when you drive on it, you go backward instead of forward. Obviously, it’s just a fact that when you’re driving downhill, your car should roll forward, but on this hidden attraction in New Jersey, that’s not the case.

The street is called Gravity Hill or Gravity Street by the people of Jersey and it’s the craziest mind-blowing experience ever. You’re supposed to pull up to the road, put your car in neutral, and instead of your car rolling forwards it takes you backward and it actually builds up some speed while you do it.

The Mickey Shuffle/Youtube
The Mickey Shuffle/Youtube

In the area, it’s one of the first places everyone always talks about going to when you get your license. It’s been declared one of the most common “road” myths in New Jersey because of the story that follows the road.

The myth of this road is that there was a tragic accident thst happened on the road and that the spirits thst linger there push your car away from the scene of the accident so you can avoid danger. I’m sure there are plenty of other stories out there about Gravity Hill, but that’s just the story that I’ve heard about all these years!


Is it illegal to drive on Gravity Hill in Titusville, New Jersey?

Apparently, yes, it’s very illegal to test out the Gravity Hill theory. To try it out, you have to put your car in neutral and it makes you go backward on the road. There are plenty of videos online like this one that you can look at instead of trying it yourself! Weird NJ says this road is down Pleasant Valley Road in Titusville, and a mile off the exit from Route 29.

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