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This weekend, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins played each other in the Stadium Series at Lincoln Financial Field and as usual Gritty was a topic of conversation. You know Gritty, he's the mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers who is crazy looking and crazy altogether.

Gritty kicked off the game with a bang as he came swinging from the roof of Lincoln Financial Field in an outfit full of orange and white lights.

But then got fans so upset when he was ejected from the game for "streaking." I was laughing so hard when I saw this video. He's a mascot and he took off his Flyers uniform and ran around the stadium. Was it planned? Gritty has been known to be a little nutty ever since he appeared back in September of this year. So maybe it was planned? But then again, it could have just been something they thought up spur of the moment. I have ti say, watching those security guards run after him was quite entertaining.


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You keep doing you Gritty!

(CBS Philly)