A hairy situation! A woman harmlessly texted her boyfriend a snap of her unshaven legs and it ended with disastrous results.

The clip, posted by TikTok user "huh," quickly went viral after the squabbling duo's cringeworthy text exchange.

Huh — username @bonedrymilkers — captioned the clip "does anyone know why men are like this?"

The exchange started with huh texting her boyfriend a pic of her bushy legs saying, "Lol babe look at how hairy my legs are. Hahahah I haven't shaved since like Christmas."

The clearly annoyed person shot back: "Yeah I've noticed lol you should really get on that. It's kinda gross tbh."

Huh did not expect such a harsh reaction as she fired off, "Okay? Lol it's not that serious, it's leg hair. I'll do it soon. I've just been embracing the winter coat."

The guy though took it a step further and tried to shame the girl for not shaving her legs. "No you should be embarrassed, it's really just unhygienic for a female. Plus it's a total turn off."

Huh tried to gauge his true feelings about the situation by quizzing if he was "joking" or being "serious," asking: "Leg hair is a turn off?" To which he firmly stated, "Yeah talk to me when you shave your legs."

Fellow TikToker's peppered her comment section with messages of support. "If body hair wasn’t meant for women it wouldn’t grow on us… but it does bc it’s NATURAL," one user commented, while another wrote: "He ain't the one babe."

After the clip went viral, huh posted an update showing where her boyfriend tried to downplay his reaction and wondered why she was ignoring him. "I clearly wasn't being serious when I told you not to talk to me," he texted her.

The woman then spilled she posted his "stupid" reaction on her TikTok and many users were siding with her. He then asks why he is seen as the "bad guy" for saying "no thanks" to her hairy legs.

The duo agreed to talk, but it appeared the chat didn't go over well as she shared a tearful video, writing: "Update, we did in fact break up."

After announcing their split, users assured huh it was the right thing to do in the end. "It’s for the best. I promise. His views on women are laced in misogyny, don’t want that for future daughters or you," a supporter posted, while another said: "Trash does take itself out sometimes. You will find someone who will even braid your leg hair bc they love you sm! you are worth it!"

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