Harry Styles shared his One Direction-related guilty pleasure that is sure to delight fans everywhere.

The "Lights Up" singer played a round of "Burning Questions" on Ellen Friday (January 10), where he also answered other questions, including his relationship status, his first celebrity crush and his biggest fear.

At first, host Ellen DeGeneres asked a simple one... boxers or briefs? He chose briefs. Then, he was asked what his three favorite body parts on a woman are — and in true Harry Styles fashion, he replied "eyes, smile, and character."

The 25-year-old musician later admitted his ultimate guilty pleasure is listening to One Direction's music when he works out, his first celebrity crush was Jennifer Aniston, his biggest fear is dying and he had his first kiss at 12 years old.

As for his relationship status, he said he's currently single.

Check out Harry Styles' "Burning Questions" skit, below:

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