Head's up to all those who frequently visit the McDonald's on the corner of Route 130 and Dutch Neck Road in East Windsor, they will be closing.

According to a post on the NextDoor App, the McDonald's will be closing this Sunday and will remain closed for five months.

What's the reason for the closing? It's to put a two lane drive thru in, they'll also be taking care of some other renovations.

The township sent a letter to some area residents saying that the parking lot will be downsized a bit to allow for the two-lane drive thru, they say.

Residents on the NextDoor app seems to be happy about this because they know what kind of traffic that McDonald's causes and a double lane drive thru will help help with some traffic congestion.

I live in this area and I have to say, whenever I drive by this McDonald's, no matter what time of day, the drive thru is insane. It backs up onto Dutch Neck Road, and it causes all kinds of headaches. So I am very excited to hear that this problem is going to be fixed a bit.

The corner of Route 130 and Dutch Neck Road is very busy to begin with. All kinds of businesses including restaurants make it congested and sometimes messy since there are people turning every which way to get into whichever place they choose.

I don't dine at that McDonald's, I don't really eat fast food, but if I wanted fast food, I would choose the Wendy's across Route 130 because of the convenience of it. That only has a one lane drive thru as well, but it has a bigger parking lot and doesn't back up onto Dutch Neck Road. Plus, I enjoy their food better.

This renovation and addition to the McDonald's will definitely help with the headache that us residents feel when we're driving through that area. It'll be terrible for die hard McDonald's food fans, but there are plenty of other options in the area to choose from.

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