New technology collected by NASA’s Perseverance rover now allows us to hear what we would sound like on Mars.

Even though life on Mars would be very different than it is here on earth, it’s comforting to know your speaking voice could still be heard on the red planet.

A breakthrough study conducted by NASA using dual mics on the NASA Perseverance rover calculated the speed of sound on mars and showed how it would vary from Earthling noises.

“If you were standing on Mars, you’d hear a quieter, more muffled version of what you’d hear on earth, and you’d wait slightly longer to hear it,” NASA says on their website. “Some sounds that we’re used to on Earth, like whistles, bells, or bird songs, would almost be inaudible on Mars.”

While Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande may have some trouble with their whistle notes reaching the ears of people on the red planet, most voices can be replicated with very little disruption.

You can even hear what you would sound like on Mars by testing NASA’s intergalactic voice replication portal.

To get started, simply click into NASA’s “Sounds of Mars” portal on their website, navigate to the “You on Mars” tab and click to record your greeting. Or just click here!

Once the perfect intergalactic greeting is recorded, you can download the file and share it with your friends on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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