Before the coronavirus pandemic, we saw our friends often, hugged and kissed our relatives and actually sat next to our friends and family while watching our favorite movie or show. Since the beginning of March, we have been told to keep our distance from the ones we love the most and only see the people who live in our households face to face. Video chatting and apps like Houseparty and Zoom have become a go to way for people to see one another, go on dates, and even watch movies and shows. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have been the best way for us to pass the time, and some of us wanna watch shows and movies like we used to with our friends, and Hulu must have sensed that because now they're testing a new feature.

Deadline reports, Hulu is in the process of testing a new feature that will not only allow you to watch your shows with no ads, but it will also allow you to watch shows and movies with up to eight people. It looks like you can all leave comments on the side of the screen too. It works like zoom does, someone creates a room and invites people in. You can watch it on your computer with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn. The feature should be rolling out soon.

For more info, check out this article from Deadline.

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