I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine yesterday at Rite Aid. I have to say, I was really nervous about it. I believe in science and I have been excited ever since I got an appointment for a vaccine last week. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be a little nervous about getting a vaccine that is brand new. I mean, I am human. I have read a lot about the vaccine, and I also have read things people say about it. My biggest fear is that I would become infertile and not be able to have any more kids or worse.

I had to wait maybe like 10 minutes before I went Into the little room with the pharmacist, so I think that gave me time to think, and that’s never good when your mind has time to wander. But I calmed down and walked in when my name was called.

I receive allergy shots once a week and I get my flu shot every year, so needles don’t scare me or bother me too much. She gave me my Moderna shot told me what to look for in a reaction, and then I sat for 15 minutes and waited to see if I reacted or not. I was very nervous about reacting to it. It was Ash Wednesday yesterday, so my family and I were going to church that night to receive ashes, so I wanted to make sure I made that mass. Plus, I have a 1 year old at home to take care of. I didn’t wanna be “out of commission” all night because my little Nathan loves to be with Mommy and loves to play with Mommy. I was afraid of being exhausted and being in pain.

The man sitting next to me was a nervous wreck. He arrived in a big coat and kept his hat on and when they took his temperature, it was too high and they made him sit for a few minutes without his coat and hat on. He sat down next to me and kept asking me questions about how I was feeling and what shot I was on. He said he was nervous, but it’s better than getting the coronavirus. I totally agreed.

After I left Rite Aid without any reaction, Thank God, I headed home. While at home I was a little tired, but I had been up since 3:45am and by the time I got home it was almost 2pm. My arm wasn’t that sore and didn’t become sore until later that night. I could not keep my eyes open by 8pm, but again, I am usually asleep by that time anyway.

Today, I am feeling good. Just a little tired, my arm isn’t as sore as I thought it would be. I’m grateful for that. As a working Mom, I don’t have time to be down for the count.

I believe in science, I believe that the world will get better with Covid 19 vaccines and I am happy that I was able to get the vaccine to keep myself, my husband, my son and the rest of my family healthy.

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