I saw 'A Star is Born' this weekend with my friend, and I was blown away! I want to tell you right from the get-go to bring tissues and get ready to feel every emotion possible!

Bradley Cooper wrote, directed and starred in this movie alongside Mother Monster (AKA: Lady Gaga). First of all, they both look phenomenal in this movie.

Lady Gaga plays Ally, a struggling musical artist. Gaga covered up all her tattoos, and she even has brown hair towards the beginning of the movie (you'll see at why it changes).

Bradley plays Jackson Maine, a country singer. Wow, does he look good in jeans, boots, and a western hat?

Their chemistry is undeniable and you almost feel as if they're a real couple. Jack loves Ally, but is fighting so many other demons inside himself. But through it all, Ally never gives up on him (even after he humiliates her in front of the entire world basically).

Bradley Cooper's character Jack, will break your heart, seriously. I don't want to give too many details away, but you'll definitely shed some tears because of his actions in the movie.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga's character will just blow you away. Not only is she the most amazing actress, but the way she loves Jack unconditionally and how grateful she is for all he's done for her is truly heartwarming! Their love story is absolutely beautiful!

Plus, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Bradley Cooper has an amazing voice (who knew?), and Gaga is just as fantastic as ever!

I definitely recommend seeing A Star is Born! This was one of those movies that I didn't think was going to live up to the hype, but it did. It really, really did!

I am very anxious to see how many awards this movie wins. If it doesn't win any, the Academy clearly cannot see or hear!

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