If you’ve taken the children in your life to Frozen II then you have probably already heard “Into the Unknown,” the film’s big showstopper, about 30 or 40 times by now. It only took my own hellions about 30 seconds from the end of the credits to start running around our house screaming “Into the unknoooooooooown!” Thanks Disney. Yeah, thanks a lot. It’s going great over here right now.

If, for whatever reason, you want to encourage your children’s love of the song and escalate your own rapid slide into full-blown Frozen madness, this video will help (or hurt, depending on your perspective). It’s the entire “Into the Unknown” sequence as sung by Idina Menzel from the movie. Now your children can watch it over and over and over (and over) without having to drag you back to the theater. So at least you’ll save a few bucks as you’re being driven insane!

If your children are super cool dudes with attitudes and prefer their journeys into the unknown with a bit more rocking, the Panic! At the Disco version of the song that plays over Frozen II’s closing credits is also available online. It doesn’t have Menzel’s pipes though, or that great animation of Elsa going full Broadway diva at the end of the song.

Frozen II is in theaters now.

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