🚌 Driver Matthew Dudek picked up 12 elementary school students while impaired

🚌 The students were dropped off without incident

🚌 He smelled of marijuana and drank wine & vodka before work, cops say


Parents in the Council Rock school district were notified Friday about a bus driver charged with driving under the influence while on his route in December.

In a message to parents on Friday from school bus contractor Durham School Services obtained by 6 ABC Action News the company said the driver, whose identity was not disclosed, was no longer employed by the company and was charged with "serious crimes."

"We are appalled at the alleged criminal conduct carried out by our former driver and can confirm that this driver's employment was promptly terminated immediately following the incident in question," the company wrote.

The driver was identified in a complaint as Matthew Dudek, 35,  who was first involved in a hit-and-run crash on the Newtown Bypass at Richboro Road involving his own vehicle on Dec. 5. He left the scene and continued onto the bus yard on Swamp Road in Wrightstown and drove his route picking up 12 students from the Holland Middle School without incident, according to the complaint in the case.

One student told her parents she thought Dudek was impaired. They called Durham who in turn notified officials at Richboro Elementary School where Dudek was headed next.

The principal at Richboro met Dudek's bus, attempted to speak with Dudek when he arrived at the school and told him to stay put as another bus was being sent.

Dudek said nothing, closed the door and drove off returning to the Durham facility.  According to the complaint, there was vomit on the floor of the bus and Dudek smelled of marijuana.

Video from cameras on the bus show Dudek throwing up and using tissues to clean it up. He was also unsteady on his feet while he checked the bus before getting off.

Matthew Dudek
Matthew Dudek (Bucks County District Attorney)

Wine and vodka before work

Detectives during their investigation were able to connect Dudek to the hit and run earlier in the afternoon.

Dudek told detectives he was living at a recovery home in Croydon and violated the rules by drinking wine the night of Dec. 14. He was told to leave for two days by the home manager.  Late in the morning of Dec. 15 Dudek said he began to drink shots of vodka before heading to work.

Dudek blew a 0.234 during a sobriety test at the bus facility. He was taken into custody and charged with first-degree driving under the influence and 12 counts of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child. He was also charged with third-degree damage to an attended vehicle or property.

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