After months of speculation, it's official:

One of the most beloved faces in Philadelphia TV has departed.

Jamie Apody, who last appeared on 6ABC as a sports anchor back in October, is officially leaving the station. The news, which certainly was expected, was FINALLY confirmed in a statement provided by the station on Friday afternoon.

“I am so grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love, support, and concern shown to me over the past 5 months while I made a decision about my future,” Apody said in the statement, which the station sent to media outlets including the Philadelphia Business Journal.

"It has been the greatest pleasure to cover some of the best sports teams in the world and share my reporting and storytelling with our fans."

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The exact nature of her departure was not clear, but many longtime viewers of Philadelphia's most watched local TV station questioned where she was because she seemed suddenly to disappear from TV screens back in October. The timing of her departure was suspicious as it came during the height of the Philadelphia Eagles season.

Jamie Apody Philadelphia Sports Reporter
6ABC via YouTube

When asked about Jamie's whereabouts, both Apody and the station had remained very tight-lipped about what had happened until today. Which, of course, raised more questions.

So it's no surprise that our earlier coverage of this topic has been some of the most viewed content on our website ever.

Outlets like have reported that the silence was likely related to a legal battle between the TV personality and the station. However, that was never officially confirmed.

"Please be assured that all is well with me and my family. I am excited about the next chapter in my career, and I look forward to working on new ways to engage with my audience on topics that energize and celebrate our teams," Jamie said in Friday's statement.

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Up to this moment, 6abc has been clear that they do not comment on personnel matters, so it's unlikely we'll hear much else about this on their end. A similar set of circumstances occurred when sports reporter Jeff Sversky left the station as well.

Jamie joined the station back in 2006 and was here for some of the biggest moments in Philly sports history including the Phillies 2008 title, the Eagles 2018 title, and in recent years the playoff heartbreaks from both the Phillies and the Eagles.

As for what went into the decision to leave the station, you can see what speculates about her relationship with the station and its management here.

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