🔴 A tree fell on a camper at a Quakertown campground Saturday night

🔴 Cynthia Cousins was pronounced dead at the scene

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. — A woman camping with her family at a campground died Saturday night when a tree fell on her camper.

Bucks County Coroner Patricia Campi said Cynthia Cousins, 69, of Bensalem, was at the Quakerwoods Campground on Rosedale Road in Quakertown when the tree crushed the camper. She was pronounced dead at the scene and her body brought to the coroner's office.

The cause of death was the result of blunt head and torso injuries. Cousins' death was determined to be accidental, according to Campi.

Family says husband was also in camper

A second person in the camper survived. Cousins' family told Fox 29 Philadelphia that her husband Bob was also in the camper and was thrown out of the camper by the impact, suffered minor injuries

Her brother Gary Darnell said the family was on a weekend trip at the campground, a place they had visited for over 40 years.

Darnell said Cousins was a grandmother who was "super proud" of her grandchildren.

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