A woman is defending herself after her roommate's boyfriend confessed he's uncomfortable when he comes over to visit because she doesn't like to wear a bra.

"I don’t wear a bra at home. I go to college, then to the library, and then work, then gym. I am out at 7AM and back at 10PM. Usually I take a quick shower when I get home, then make a snack and just relax for an hour before bedtime," she wrote on Reddit.

"My roommate and I are very close but now she has been biting my head off about me not wearing a bra at home. I was confused. Then she explained that it was about her boyfriend. I laughed in her face and told her to put a bra on his eyes instead," she continued.

Her roommate became "very upset" with her, though she assured her that she wasn't interested in her boyfriend.

"She got offended and said that he wasn’t interested in me either, so I said, 'Then why are we arguing? It is only an issue if we were interested in each other, tell him next time he sees me braless, he can pretend that I am a wall,'" she recalled.

The woman thinks it's "stupid" she can't relax in her own home, and that if her roommate's boyfriend has a problem with it, he shouldn't come over.

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Users supported the woman in the comments section.

"Pretty obvious. It's your house, it's your level of comfort," one person wrote.

"Next time her boyfriend comes in, say loudly, 'MY EYES ARE UP HERE!!!' LOL, he won't know what the hell you are talking about because he never complained about your braless state. Better yet, get a t-shirt printed and wear it every time he's over," another commented.

"I would literally just ask him, 'Does me being comfortable in my own home make you uncomfortable or is your girlfriend just making a big deal out of nothing?'" someone else suggested.

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