A woman on Reddit says her husband criticized her for dressing too fashionably at their child's elementary school.

"I love fashion and do tend to dress up. I don’t like wearing jeans (I don’t like the feel and it’s hot where I live). So I wear a lot of skirts (usually tea-length or to the knee) and trouser-type pants. I love finding interesting prints and cuts. I usually wear heels and only wear activewear to the gym. I’ve spent a lot of hours cultivating my wardrobe," the stylish 42-year-old mom wrote.

"I volunteer at my daughter's school often, am on the PTO board, and do pickup and drop-off so I’m there a lot and the teachers know me pretty well. I’m also one of the older moms in elementary and my husband is the oldest dad," she continued.

After she recently received what she thought was a compliment about her style by one of the school's staff members, her husband insisted it was actually a sneaky dig.

"I was wearing a printed jumpsuit with an asymmetrical neckline. One of the teachers told me I always look like I just walked off the set of Sex and the City. I took it as a compliment, since it’s an iconic show. My husband said it wasn’t and she is saying I’m always overdressed. He also said the other parents don’t appreciate me trying to show off since they mostly wear jeans or activewear," she shared.

Now, the woman is wondering if she should tone down her fashion sense around the other parents at her daughter's school.

"My husband is retired and rarely dressed up. Which is fine with me, especially since he had to wear a suit everyday for 30 years. It’s all personal preference I think. I just prefer different. He use to love my style, but seems over it since he retired. So should I be dressing more like other parents?" she asked Reddit.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the fashionable mom and her wardrobe.

"My great-grandmother use to say 'If you're always overdressed, you'll never be under-dressed,'" one user commented.

"I am 100 percent a leggings and hoodie mom. If I was at my children's school and saw a mom dressed up really nicely, my only thought (if I even noticed) would be 'dang, she looks great!'" another shared.

"I'd love to be one of those parents whose worst problem is that someone they know dresses too well. I hope to someday have that kind of preoccupation," someone else weighed in.

"I'm a dad who's also 42 and has kids in school. People dress how they dress, I see everything from pajama pants to carefully curated designer outfits at drop-off and pickup," another user chimed in.

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