Union officials say the East Windsor Police headquarters has become uninhabitable with officers forced to work in a facility that has been flooded with raw sewage that is now baking in an air conditioned building.

The disgusting allegations were made in several social media posts by PBA Local 191, saying feces is backing up through drain pipes and into the building soaking into carpeted floors and flooding several other areas of the headquarters building.

The smell got so bad, the union says, officers had to evacuate the building.

"Employees and officers were faced with fecal back up in the entryway, hallways, Patrol, Investigative Services, and the women's locker room," the union wrote on Facebook and Instagram, "Our officers actually evacuated the building to avoid getting sick from the septic fumes."

Among the areas where the contamination are worse, union officials claim, are prison holding cells and the family room used by the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT).

"It would be inhumane to house a prisoner in these poor and unsanitary conditions," the union says.

"The DVRT/Family Room is a safe space for victims of domestic violence and those seeking shelter," the latest social media post reads, "Unfortunately, this family room was the most contaminated area and the carpet was saturated in sewage."

What makes matters worse, the union says, is this is not the first time this has happened. They claim this is the fifth time this year fecal matter has backed up through the toilets and drains of the building.

They blame Mayor Janice Mirinov for failing to pay for proper repairs, opting instead "to "fix" these issues with bubble gum and duct tape."

"Her unwillingness to provide funds for the proper maintenance of police headquarters is now going to cost taxpayers substantially more to make necessary repairs," the PBA claims.

Mirinov has not commented publicly on the PBA Local 191 allegations.

In statement from the township to News12, officials claimed the most recent problem "was caused by a malfunctioning computer board that operates the pump switches." The statement said the issue has now been resolved.

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