With all the press about climate change and the pressure on all of us to become more environmentally aware, it’s hard to believe that anyone would do anything really irresponsible.

But let’s face it, every once in a while, being an eco-friendly good citizen can be a pain. Sometimes you just wanna be lazy and throw everything into the same trash container. We asked our listeners to confess their crimes against the earth. Alert the green police!!!!

Here’s what they said:

🌎 “I finished a big jar and wasn’t in the mood to rinse out the gunk in it. And it was an oversized warehouse club jar of mayo. I tossed it in the garbage.”

🌎 “I drive a Yukon XL. It gets 14 miles to the gallon. That’s 14. One. Four. I love my car and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

🌎 “I once had a nosebleed while I was driving and held a tissue up to my nose to contain the blood. When my nose stopped bleeding, I realized I really didn’t want to have a bloody tissue in my car so I tossed it out the window.”

🌎 “When I first moved into my new neighborhood I started recycling the way I had in my old neighborhood. Then I noticed I was the only one on the block doing it. So now I never recycle. Never. No one ever checks and no one has ever said anything to me about it.”

🌎 “If I go into a convenience store or bank or anywhere where I have to make a quick stop for five minutes or so, I always leave my car idling.”

🌎 “I keep plastic straws in my purse just in case I go into a place that doesn’t offer them. I’m not happy with any of the alternatives to plastic and the whole thing just makes me angry. Sometimes I use two straws, just as a small act of personal rebellion.”

🌎 “At the grocery store I say ‘double bag it’. Always. They usually give me a dirty look but no one has ever refused to do it.”

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