🔴 Head of Warren County Prosecutor's Office suddenly resigns

🔴 Replacement appointed by Attorney General's Office

🔴 Results of an investigation expected to be released

BELVIDERE — New Jersey's top law enforcement officials have taken control of the Warren County Prosecutor's Office in an abrupt change in the chain of command.

James Pfeiffer suddenly resigned as Warren County prosecutor, the Attorney General's Office announced early Friday evening. Pfeiffer, a former superior court judge and defense attorney, was appointed to the office by Gov. Phil Murphy on Nov. 1, 2019.

At the time, Murphy said that Pfeiffer was a "talented and dedicated attorney" who would act with impartiality.

As of Friday, the prosecutor's office is now under the direction of the Attorney General's Office.

James Pfeiffer and Tony Picione (OAG/National Association of Attorneys General)
James Pfeiffer and Tony Picione (OAG/National Association of Attorneys General)

Tony Picione has been appointed as the new acting Warren County prosecutor. He is the Deputy Director of the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability within the Attorney General's Office.

"Tony Picione is a native son of Warren County and a career prosecutor and public servant who has dedicated his career to the public good and rooting out corruption," said Attorney General Matthew Platkin.

There was no explanation given Friday for Pfeiffer's resignation.

However, OAG spokesman Michael Symons later confirmed that the takeover comes after an OPIA investigation. Symons said in a statement that the agency investigated "misconduct by members of the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office."

"A copy of the report will be made public once all impacted parties have received the required notice," said Symons.

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