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Did you know you're in one of the best states to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Better get your Guinness ready before reading on.

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New research was done by Chummy Tees to find out which states were the best and worst for honoring the Emerald Isle and NJ fairs pretty well.

According to Chummy Tees' methodology, they analyzed Eventbrite and Google Keyword Planner to measure the popularity of St. Patrick's Day events in every state. The final rating are based on a top score of 100.

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Which is the worst state to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Mississippi had a score of 18.37 out of 100, so don't go looking for a pot of gold there.


And the best?

Massachusetts is where you want to be sporting your green shirts and leprechaun hats. Their score was a whopping 75.27 out of 100.

Considering the state has the largest Irish American population in the US, it shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone.


How popular is St. Patrick's Day in New Jersey?

New Jersey came in as the 9th-best state for St. Patrick's Day celebrations!

We scored a 55.81 out of 100.with the 18th-highest number of events, and the 14th-highest search popularity.

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So raise up that shot glass full of Jameson, New Jersey, because we know how to celebrate St. Pats!

🍀 Slante! 🍀

Where should you be celebrating, by the way? Let Big Joe tell you:

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