There are a lot of lists that Jersey is on that are really cool.

For example, when lists name the best places to go on vacation over the summer and name a few Jersey Shore towns, that's really cool and can make you swell up with a little State Pride.

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Or, for example, when a few Jersey restaurants are named among the best in the country, again that's a cool list to have your state on.

A list that's not so great to be on though, and sadly Jersey is all over it, is a list of the most expensive places in the country to live.

It's no secret that Jersey's expensive, but we have 8 towns that are among the top 150 most expensive places in the country to call home.

Each one of these towns has an average home price that's well over seven figures so unless you hit that Mega Millions jackpot, you'll need a couple of roommates to buy one of these places!

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8. Mantoloking

When Mantoloking is the cheapest town on the list (#131), that's never a great sign! reports the average home price is around $1,956,000; honestly, I don't even know if that's for beachfront property.

7. Sea Girt

Monmouth County will make three appearances on the country's most expensive towns list and we'll start off with Sea Girt which came in a #124 with an average home price of $1,976,000

6. Allenhurst

Our next Monmouth County town with monster price tags is Allenhurst which came in at #122, and has an average home price of $1,989,000. Still under two million for now!

5. Short HIlls

Short Hills is one of Jersey's nicest historical towns and one of the state's more expensive places to live.

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The average home costs just shy of 2 Million dollars

4. Stone Harbor

Even when I was a kid before housing prices became ridiculous, Stone Harbor was considered an expensive place to buy.

It still is, coming in at #82, it'll cost you $2,228,000 to buy a home there, and even still it may not be one of the beachfront ones!

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3. Avalon

Avalon may be cooler by a mile, but the price of a home will make you cry, get ready to shell out $2,470,000 if you want to buy here.

2. Alpine

Getting towards the top of our list, Alpine came in at #51 with an average home price somewhere in the area of $2,821,000.

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1. Deal

And what's the deal with Deal? This Monmouth County town was listed as America's 27th most expensive town with an average home price of $3,443,000!

By the way, the most expensive town in America to buy a home? Atherton California where you be shelling out over $7,000,000 to buy some property!

Now, if you want some cheaper home-buying options in Jersey, I've got you covered.

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