It's a bit of a last-minute warning, but heads up if you're wearing (or you're about to wear) a pair of eclipse glasses.

So check this out before you look up to the sky this afternoon:

Some popular models of solar eclipse glasses that have sold in the past few weeks online have been recalled because they "potentially fail to meet safety standards."

The recall was first announced by the Illinois Department of Health, but it certainly is a nationwide warning.

They say that the glasses were sold through Amazon (and some retailers as well). They were sold on Amazon under the branding: "Biniki Solar Eclipse Glasses AAS Approved 2024 – CE & ISO Certified Safe Shades for Direct Sun Viewing (6 Packs)," reports say.

The recalled glasses are labeled as 'EN ISO 12312-1:2022,' warning said "roper safety glasses should carry the ISO designation of 12312-2."

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It's unclear how many of these glasses were sold, but if you were affected you should contact Amazon a refund.

Of course, the vision effects of not using proper protection to view the eclipse could have health effects on your vision.

"Even a few seconds of viewing the sun during an eclipse can temporarily or permanently burn the macula," which is part of the retina, the Journal of the American Medical Association told "Once retina tissue is destroyed, it cannot regenerate, resulting in permanent central vision loss."

The eclipse is underway in our area now through about 4:30 p.m. Here's a breakdown town-by-town of when it will peak across Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

April 8, 2024 Eclipse times & percentages for parts Philly, NJ & PA

These are the times when you should expect to see the solar eclipse across Philadelphia, southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. Plus, we've got the percentage of the sun that will be covered up by the moon. Information is from the National Solar Observatory.

Gallery Credit: Joe, 94.5 PST

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