Burgers, milkshakes, and donuts oh my!

That's what I like to call the triple threat in the food world and there's a new restaurant that opened in Jersey that specializes in all three.

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I'm aware that I talk about burgers a lot, just the other day I was on a soap box about why New Jersey doesn't need an In-N-Out.

You can read more on why that is right here. 

The main reason though is becasue we have places in Jersey already that put a fast food spot like In-N-Out to shame.

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What Is Dipped N' Smashed Burger?

It's the latest burger spot to come to Jersey and holy cow does it offer every delicious thing under the sun, according to Only In Your State,

They specialize in their own type of smash burger which is piled high with toppings and flavor.

And like any good burger place worth its salt, Diped N Smashed Burger also serves up some seriously creative shakes.

You can get Fruity Pebble, Oreo Cookie, Funfetti Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Chocolate Blackout.

They even make holiday-themed shakes that are out of this world!

After you've had your Smashed Burger and milkshake, you can't forget dessert!

Believe it or not, Dipped N' Smashed doesn't stop at just burgers and shakes, but they also have homemade donuts.

Jersey of course has so many amazing places to get donuts like Uncle Doods, OB-CO's, and the Chubby Unicorn.

But what really sets Dipped N Smashed Donuts apart is the sheer creativity they have with their donuts.

Sure, you can get your typical fresh-made donut with a custom flavor like chocolate Twinkie, or Oreo S'more, or you could go the 'create your own' route.

But what blew my mind was the donut ice cream sandwich.

I think I just died and went to heaven.

If you want to check out Dipped N Smashed for yourself you'll have to make the drive to Hoboken and visit their shop at 91 Washington Street.

Be sure to let me know what kind of great food you get!

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