One thing New Jersey is famous for is our amazing beaches, and New Jersey residents have just chosen their favorite.

New Jersey is famous for great pizza, amazing Italian food, and of course, the beaches and boardwalks of the Jersey Shore.

NJ Has So Many Amazing Beaches

Asking New Jersey residents to pick their favorite beach is like asking which pizza place is the best. there are a million answers, and they are all right.

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Despite that, we thought it would be fun to ask you the beach question and share the results of your votes with you.

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This is a fun exercise and we are not expecting to have any definitive answer, since so many of our beaches are amazing, but we did want to see which beach got the most votes anyway.

Which Was The NJ Beach That Was Favored To Win?

Based on past polls, we believed that Cape May went into the voting as the favorite to win, but we knew the New Jersey residents could surprise you with their answers.

We asked the question across several social media platforms, and after a ton of votes, we can now announce which Jersey Shore beach is the favorite of New Jersey residents.

The beach that got the second most votes from New Jersey residents, and in a bit of a surprise, Island Beach State Park got the most votes.

Both are incredibly beautiful beaches and for the record, Cape May came in third place.

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