How did Walmart become the "retailer of the people?" Simple. Low prices.

Walmart has successfully convinced shoppers that they have the absolute lowest prices anywhere so there's never a need to shop somewhere else.

And, well, they're not altogether wrong.

Walmart is the closest you'll get to a Costco or BJ's without having to pay a membership fee.

For most items, Walmart's brand is passable and saves you even more money.

Walmart Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings, Beating Expectations
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For years, savvy shoppers have taken advantage of Walmart's already-low prices and used coupons to get items for free.

It gets better. Walmart also allowed what is called 'overages.'

This means if a shopper found an item on sale and used a coupon that equaled more than the item was worth, the customer would get cash back. Crazy, right?

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Well, all good things must come to an end as they say.

Walmart is no longer allowing overages, but that's not all.

According to Coupons in the News, the giant retailer is really cracking down on customers who use coupons in general.

Walmart Raises Its Minimum Wage To 14 Dollars An Hour
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There’s also a new “limit of 4 identical coupons per household, per day” rule at Walmart.

An internal memo warns that “a hard stop will occur at the register” if more than four identical coupons are scanned.

This last one is likely what will make people the most upset.

Say goodbye to overrides.

An override at a store is when an associate or manager can "override" the register and decide the outcome of a transaction.

Walmart's fancy high-tech registers will now have the final say.

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