I wish when I had gone to high school that we would have had programs to earn college credits. This would have gotten me going early and would have saved a lot of money. Although I was having a hard time keeping up with my high school classes I don't think I would've done well trying to do college courses on top of that lol I am a much better student now than when I was 16. But it is fantastic that kids have the opportunity to get college experience without college debt! In my opinion, colleges and universities need to make degrees more affordable. Having students beginning their work career in debt is NOT a good plan! In fact it leads to more bad than good. I feel we need "affordable" college education and until we get there, college students will possibly come out of school already behind and in debt and that is a recipe for disaster.


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In an effort to assist kids in getting a good start in their college education a New Jersey school has begun a new partnership with 25 high schools in the Garden State so they can start earning college credits early, which is a fantastic resource for families to take advantage of in New Jersey.


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25 New Jersey High Schools Can Start Earning College Degrees Early

In a recent NJ.com article, they looked at a program with Rowan College of South Jersey that has partnered now with 25 high schools in New Jersey. Officials said "RCSJ Collegiate High School takes education to the next level, providing an affordable, practical way to earn college credits and prepare for the rigors of excelling in a collegiate environment — all before high school graduation,”

Gloucester County

  • Clayton High School
  • Clearview Regional High School
  • Delsea Regional High School
  • Deptford High School
  • Gateway Regional High School
  • Glassboro High School
  • Gloucester County Institute of Technology
  • Gloucester County Special Services School District
  • Kingsway Regional High School
  • Paulsboro High School
  • Pitman High School
  • Washington Township High School
  • Williamstown High School
  • West Deptford High School
  • Woodbury High School
  • Gloucester Catholic High School
  • Our Lady of Mercy Academy

Cumberland County

  • Bridgeton High School
  • Cumberland Regional High School
  • Cumberland County Technical Education Center
  • Millville High School
  • Vineland High School


Camden County

  • Bishop Eustace Preparatory School
  • Camden Catholic High School


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