Wow, some of these are so close, a little to close for me. New Jersey is a pretty cool place to live, in my opinion. I love it.

I had no idea how many abandoned places are so close to Ocean and Monmouth County. Especially the one in Toms River, what? I never knew.

We do have a great history here in the Garden State and I'm so proud of that. We have the most beautiful of places with beaches, historic places, and historic structures. There are things recently that I found that are abandoned and I don't think I'd ever go to one of these places. Quite frankly they freak me out.

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I live very close to one of the abandoned places between Ocean Gate and Bayville. I believe it's Bayville, but residents will tell you it's Ocean Gate. All I know it's an abandoned building that scares me every time I drive by.

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These abandoned places are just creepy. Some of these places would make a great place for a Haunted House to celebrate Halloween. I bet many of these are haunted.

From the "Just a quick walk from the street, these structures are an urban explorer's dream. Visitors can peek (or even climb) inside the silos for a very unique experience and spectacular photo opportunities. Little is known about the silos and only brief mentions of them in police blotters and planning board meeting minutes have been found. It seems that they were once used to store sand and crushed gravel."

What? You can actually reach them from a trail and take pictures of these abandoned structures, very cool.

According to onlyinyourstate, I found out about these abandoned silos in Toms River.

Creepy Abandoned Places in New Jersey That Are Close By

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