What is "E. Coli"? According to the Mayo Clinic," E. coli stands for Escherichia coli, which is a type of bacteria. Most commonly, we hear about it in raw or undercooked hamburger meat." In addition, the CDC added that "Most E. coli are harmless and are part of a healthy intestinal tract. However, some cause illnesses that are sometimes severe, such as diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory illness, and bloodstream infections."


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In a recent Patch article, the E.Coli cases have reached the Garden State. As of Wednesday, there had been 11 cases in various states, now one case has been reported here in New Jersey. " One case of E. coli has been confirmed in New Jersey as officials investigate a multistate outbreak, the Food and Drug Administration said last week." It appears the cause might be possibly linked to cheese. Tests are continuing but officials investigating found that "seven out of nine percent reported eating RAW FARM-brand Raw Cheddar cheese", the FDA said. Although an investigation is continuing.


Unsplash.com Kristine Wook
Unsplash.com Kristine Wook


The article also reported "Five patients have been hospitalized and two developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a serious condition that can lead to kidney failure, officials said. No deaths have been reported."


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Symptoms of E. coli infection

According to NHS Inform, "Symptoms include diarrhoea, stomach cramps and occasionally fever. About half of people with the infection will have bloody diarrhoea. People usually notice symptoms 3 to 4 days after they have been infected. But symptoms can start any time between 1 and 14 days afterwards."

If you are suffering any of these symptoms or have any concerns contact your physician immediately. The investigation is ongoing.


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