Yep, New Jersey just had another earthquake over the weekend.

This could be something we might start getting used to! A 2.9 magnitude earthquake was reported in New Jersey on Saturday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey.

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The earthquake occurred at 9:49 am and was felt in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties, about 35 miles west of New York. It lasted for several seconds.

Fortunately as of April 28, no injuries related to the seismic event have been reported.

Another Earthquake, or an Aftershock?

If you didn't feel this one, don't be surprised. It's unclear whether or not this was an aftershock of the larger, 4.8 magnitude earthquake that was felt in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York on April 5. It was the largest in the Tri-state area since 1978!

Since this recent rattle occurred in the same area as the April 5 earthquake, it'd be safe to assume that this was an aftershock.

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It's not uncommon for aftershocks to occur days, even weeks after an earthquake. In fact, there have been over 130 aftershocks recorded in the area since the big one on April 5. The one that occurred Saturday morning is one of the strongest ones felt since the big rumbler 3 weeks ago.

Even though aftershocks after earthquakes are common, these sort of seismic events are rare along the east coast, so it can still come as a something of a shock (no pun intended) when they're felt in our region.

Did you feel this one? For a more detailed report of the earthquake and its aftershocks, get more information from USGS by clicking HERE.

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