Should I Get Out My Christmas Clothes For The Eclipse On Monday, April 8th?

Have you thought about what you are going to wear on "Eclipse Day"? Yes, I'm not kidding lol You thought you heard it all but there are certain clothes you might want to consider when picking out your Eclipse "outfit".


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As we prepare for the big day on Monday, mainly between 1 and 4 pm this Monday, I came across an article about the "eclipse" and what to wear from In this piece, they discussed the two colors you may wanna go with and it made me think of Christmas. Red and green are the two colors they recommend for Eclipse Day. Why these two colors?



The reason for red or green on Monday is based on pure science! That's right as Thomas Dolby proclaimed in 1982 "SCIENCE!" This is a mouthful so let's begin with what is called the "Purkinje effect" which is "a natural occurrence altering color perception in low-light conditions." 


In addition, "Whether capturing photographs, observing shadow bands, or simply enjoying the spectacle, attire in reds and greens promises to enhance the viewing experience. Wearing these colors not only makes watching the eclipse more fun but also makes your photos look really cool against the eclipse background." 


This is probably the easiest way to relate why red and/or green is best for Monday. Maybe that gaudy Christmas sweater that is "red and green" would be the best outfit to wear for the eclipse lol I should've thought about it earlier and designed a sweatshirt with a red and green theme and got it on Amazon lol and if you bought my "Eclipse Shirt" you got a free pair of "Eclipse Safety Glasses" ... Wow! I missed out on an opportunity! I will try this idea again in August of 2044!


When is the next big solar eclipse?

According to NASA Science, "After the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, the next total solar eclipse that can be seen from the contiguous United States will be on Aug. 23, 2044."



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