There’s a brand new addition to the Philadelphia Zoo that you have to check out for yourself when you’re in the area.

The Philadelphia Zoo has introduced a new snow leopard to the Philadelphia family and I can’t get enough of these pictures! If you’ve taken a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, you may not even realize that you are looking into a bit of history.

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The zoo we all know and love is actually the first zoo in America and opened its doors on July 1, 1874. The infamous zoo is now home to 1,700 rare and endangered animals and has come such a long way since its opening 150 years ago.

The Philadelphia Zoo Introduces A Brand New Snow Leopard

via Kory Aversa
via Kory Aversa

The Philadelphia Zoo has announced the arrival of a 3-year-old snow leopard, Marcy to the zoo and she’s being welcomed with something fun and new.

Along with Marcy’s arrival, the Philadelphia Zoo has released a brand new snow leopard Zoo Key that is available special with Family Deluxe Memerbershiips through April 7.

Credit: via Kory Aversa
Credit: via Kory Aversa

Marcy has been enjoying the amazing, Spring weather we’ve been getting over the past few days and she’s loving her new home.

“Marcy came to the Zoo on an association of Zoos amd Aquariums Species Survival Plan breeding recommendation with the zoo’s 8-year-old male, Yuki, to ensure the survival of this species and maintain a genetically diverse population.”

If you have plans to take a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, make sure to stop and see Marcy as she gets comfy in her new home in Philadelphia!

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